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Kids explore engineering principles by helping an adorable robot escape a recycling bin filled with intriguing contraptions and gizmos.
The Bottom Line
This captivating set of puzzles is a great way to get kids fiddling with engineering principles.

The Setup

Odd, a little robot with one eye, ended up in a robot factory's recycle bin after he failed a standardized test. Determined to escape the robot factory, Odd needs your child's help to start a new life. The 100 contraption-puzzles found in Odd Bot Out encourage kids to fiddle with building bridges, completing circuits, using motors and wheels, discovering the power of a pendulum, and more.

How to Play

Each level puts Odd in a new environment where he must find his way out. That is where the player comes in to help. As a master puzzle-solver, the player needs to touch things to see what moves or what causes a reaction. For example, a white wall might just be a stack of blocks that can be moved. Players will quickly discover that Odd can carry blocks with him, and that other attached blocks can be toppled to create a bridge. Occasionally, you will meet other bots with which to interact. The key to solving each puzzle is to explore, investigate, and experiment.

Why This App Is Good

Odd has a charm about him as he explores each puzzle level to see what can be moved or controlled. He appears to be reluctant and somewhat afraid, but manages to ride a bucking robotic-centipede, hot-wire a rocket, catapult across unknown abysses using a conveyer belt, and drive a multi-wheeled vehicle across rough terrain. The puzzles constantly introduce new concepts, which helps to keep the player engaged.

With no time pressure and an upbeat musical track, this series of puzzles lets kids expand their engineering chops by solving puzzles with no directions or hints. Cleverly, the puzzles never seem out of reach. Odd Bot Out makes learning about engineering and physics a "moving" experience by sprinkling the puzzles with little moments of whimsy.

Best For

Odd Bot Out is a good fit for the kid who likes to solve puzzles, build with Legos, and play with robots. It is perfect for kids who don't shy away from a challenge.

Bonus Tip: For another engineering puzzle filled with adorable characters, turn to the older but classic World of Goo HD, as well as our rec list called Engaging Engineering Apps for Kids.
This Odd Bot Out app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Odd Bot Out
Released: 1/31/2015
Company: Martin Magni
Price: 3.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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