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Kids tinker with everyday objects to create Rube Goldberg-like machines in this series of puzzles.
The Bottom Line
A highly entertaining way to get kids to think like inventors.


Inventioneers is a puzzle app where kids make crazy inventions to solve problems. Each problem is presented as a puzzle level, and when you complete a level, you earn stars and sometimes parts to construct your own puzzles. The app has 112 puzzles spread over 8 chapters.

In iOS and Android, families can download a free-to-try model, which offers the first chapter for free (14 inventions to create), with the other 98 inventions unlocked with an in-app purchase (IAP) of $1.99. This version also has an additional IAP for $.99 more called "Unlock everything" -- a special cheat that allows teachers to jump to any puzzle. In iOS, there is also a paid version for $2.99 where you get the full app upfront, with every chapter is available to you. Within a chapter, players need to finish the puzzles in order so as to unlock the next one.

How to Play

With a nod to Rube Goldberg, each puzzle in this series presents a partially-completed madcap machine and a goal. Extra parts such as ropes, ramps, stools, seesaws, springs, fans and such appear in a tray at the bottom. By dragging items into the contraption-making scene, kids experiment with what can be connected to other items and how to start the chain reaction. They then hit a play button to see what happens and can reset it to tweak or change their design. Inventioneers also comes with helpful tutorials.

Why This App is So Good

Without using words, this app is able to convey to the player the objective of each complete-the- invention puzzle. These goals are always zany, from catapulting a person into the bathtub to rescuing a cat out of a tree to dropping a crown on a king's head; so kids willingly expand their thinking to become the nutty inventor.

As inventors, players manipulate real objects; but the puzzles also introduce silly and fun Inventioneer characters, who each have special abilities. Windy carries a hairdryer; so if you bang his hard hat with a solid object like a falling apple, he turns on the hairdryer to blow another object or start a fan spinning. Kids will become bewitched by Inventioneer Maggie, whose special ability is creating magical portals though which objects can travel to then pop out elsewhere on the screen. Also exciting is the ability to design your own puzzles using objects earned by your success.

Best For

Inventioneers is a great way to encourage the tinkerer spirit out of your child. It makes the process of inventing fun and intriguing. By experimenting with these everyday objects, kids learn engineering principles.

Bonus Tip: Developer Filimundus has other crazy invention apps, including our favorite: Pettson's Inventions Deluxe. And for other engaging engineering apps for kids, check out our rec list: Engaging Engineering Apps for Kids.
This Inventioneers app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Released: 5/28/2015
Company: Filimundus AB
Price: FREE - 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Kindle Fire
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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