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The Unstealer

The Unstealer



A clever thief sneaks into situations rife with negative emotions and steals the prefix "un" off of words to make things more positive.
The Bottom Line
This clever book app gets kids thinking about how to get rid of negative feelings.

The Setup

What would happen if you could steal the "un" from negative words? The thief in this book app can!

How Negative Can Become Positive

The Unstealer is a thief who magically appears in situations where negative emotions have spun out of control. In the 17 pages of this book app, the Unstealer sneaks into three situations. His first heist is at a birthday party, where an unfunny and unhappy clown is ruining the party. When the UnStealer nabs the "un"s, the clown becomes funny and happy, and the party rocks.

The Unstealer's second stop is at a situation where a young woman is getting ready for a date. Her lack of confidence has crippled her decision-making, so she can't decide what to wear. After the thief steals the "un"s from unsure, unconfident, and undecided, the girl is able to get ready for her date.

The last character the UnStealer visits is an unfriendly and untrained dog who is wreaking havoc on his neighborhood. After the UnStealer does his thing with the prefix "un," the little dog is a model pet.

App Analysis

The UnStealer demonstrates how a change in attitude can make life better. By delivering this message in a fun, sneaky-thief story, the app shows kids that they too can change how they feel by stealing their own "un"s.

The character of the Unstealer is colorfully clad and accompanied by an upbeat, funky musical track. Kids see his black gloved hand come into the scene to steal the prefixes.

The words of the story rhyme, although they are not highlighted when read. The words must be tapped to start the narration, a quirk we found somewhat annoying. Also distracting was the occasional hotspot animation with accompanying sound that drowned out the narration.

However, the vibrant scenes, full of creative interactivity, add a lot to this fun, un-stealing tale. If you tap on the clown, he will descend on a tightrope while balancing on a ball. With the unsure girl, readers can direct the trying on of potential outfits, including unconventional, snappy combinations.

The UnStealer is a clever way to get kids thinking more positive thoughts.

Best For

The sophistication of the story and the art style make this app most appropriate for kids ages 6-9. Because of the dress-up scene, this book app may appeal more to girls than boys.
This The UnStealer book app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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The Unstealer
Released: 1/9/2014
Company: Joshua Wilson
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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