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Snow White by Nosy Crow

Snow White by Nosy Crow



Kids join in on the telling of this classic fairy tale by controlling the narrative and playing inside the scenes.
The Bottom Line
This fantastic rendition of the classic Snow White fairy tale is filled with zippy interactivity, exciting dialogue, and modernized to include a female dwarf!

Fifth Nosy Crow Fairy Tale

Snow White by Nosy Crow is a book app version of the classic Snow White fairy tale, with some fun modern twists. This fairy tale features beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, voiced character dialogue, words that highlight when read, and tons of animation and interactivity on each page.

The modernization shows up with the introduction of a female dwarf, two failed attempts by the evil stepmother to entice Snow White with food choices before landing on the healthy apple, and a cheeky magic mirror that speaks in rhyme and defines beauty as being more than skin deep.

The Story

In Snow White by Nosy Crow, when baby Snow White's mother dies, her father, The King, marries the vain Wicked Queen. Enraged that her magic mirror thinks Snow White is "the fairest of them all," the evil stepmother orders a huntsman to kill Snow White. The huntsman refuses to follow orders, and instead, urges Snow White to run away. Snow White finds a cottage in the woods and, with the reader's help, tidies up the messy little house. When the seven dwarfs (including one named Barbara) arrive back home, they are thrilled to welcome the kind and helpful Snow White into their home.
When the Wicked Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive, she hatches a plan to poison her. Dressed as a homely peddler woman, the queen tried to entice Snow White with some stinky cheese. But Snow White, who doesn't like smelly cheese, declines saying she doesn't want to spoil her lunch. Next the evil stepmother offers a poisoned cupcake, but this time Snow White's excuse is that she just brushed her teeth. This series of interactions is hilarious.

The Wicked Queen eventually succeeds with the offer of a poisoned apple; and when Snow White takes one bite, the poison is so strong that before swallowing it, the princess falls into a deep, deep sleep. The dwarfs put her in a glass box in the forest. A Prince arrives and is so moved by Snow White's "kind and gentle face" that he offers to help by taking her back to his castle. In the process of moving Snow White, the dwarfs drop the box, thus dislodging the apple piece from Snow White's throat. When she awakens, the Prince and Snow White fall in love, and the story ends with their getting married.

What Makes This App Great

Snow White by Nosy Crow ticks off all of the boxes on the checklist of what makes a great book app. The story of Snow White is told in a delightful manner with colorful illustrations, clever narration, and appropriate background music. Readers have the ability to hear the story read to them or they can read it themselves. The app remembers where you were in the story when you close it before finishing; and kids can easily navigate to their favorite page. The words highlight when narrated by the talented child actors. And the pages include animations, videos, and interactivity.

However, what really makes this fairy tale twinkle is the way it incorporates technology to enhance the story. When children see the magic mirror (which, in this version, is a dragon/mirror combination that delightfully responds in rhyme), its reflection shows their own face. Likewise, when readers help Snow White wash clothes in the pond, they see their own reflection on the surface of the water. The app uses the ability to tilt the device in the scene where the father needs help rocking infant Snow White to sleep. Also fun are the scenes in which the Wicked Queen is making her magic potion. There, readers help her by following her requests to pour witchy things into the cauldron, including squishy eyeballs and crocodile tongues. And in the last scene at the wedding party, tapping the musical notes changes the type of dance music.

Also exceptional is the way in which readers become a part of the telling of the story. Each character in the scene can be tapped to hear additional dialogue beyond what is published on the page. This puts children in charge of deciding how often and when a character speaks.

Nosy Crow fairy tale apps are all special, and this one is no exception. For more Nosy Crow fairy tale apps, as well as others that are equally as good, check out our Fantastic Fairy Tales Apps list.

Best For

Snow White by Nosy Crow is a special telling of this traditional fairy tale. It is one that belongs in every child digital book library and would make a good selection during story time in both libraries and schools.

This Snow White by Nosy Crow app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Snow White by Nosy Crow
Released: 3/12/2015
Company: Nosy Crow
Price: 4.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store