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Where's my Monster?

Where's my Monster?



A digital lift-the-flap book where kids open doors and cabinets to help a mommy monster find her baby.
The Bottom Line
This joyous monster romp about finding a baby monster in a house filled with other adorable monsters also teaches prepositions about locations.

The Story

In Where's my Monster ?, a round and furry Mommy Monster asks for your child's help in finding her hiding youngster. As readers go from room to room, looking for the hidden baby monster, they discover other monsters concealed throughout the house, but not Mommy's baby. The story ends with the discovery of the baby's hiding place.

How to Play

In each of the nine pages, kids will see various tabs with a sign to "pull" them. When they lift a rug, slide a door, or pull on a drawer, a cute and colorful monster pops up. But these are never Mommy's monster. On the last page, Mommy spots some familiar feet sticking out under a red ball. When the reader moves the ball, the baby monster is delighted to be reunited with its mother.

App Analysis: Monstrous Fun!

Where's my Monster ? is a book app that feels like a game of hide-and-seek. Contributing to the let's-have-fun vibe is funky, upbeat music. Plus the monsters the reader finds hiding in Mommy's house are all hilarious and charming. Don't miss the one who looks like dirt in the flower pot or the purple triangular one in the cupboard under the stairs.

While playing this game of finding the hiding baby with Mommy Monster, kids are also learning prepositional phrases that teach location words such as "under," "behind," and "inside." They also see the words highlight as read by this gifted narrator. The narration doesn't start until you tap the large symbol for listening (an image of a speaker). I would have preferred to have an option to start the narration immediately upon turning the page.
The flap-lifting and drawer-pulling are accompanied by sounds, which make it seem as if you are really doing the action. And the hidden monsters are nothing short of adorable, each talking to you in their own accent. This is a book app your child will want to explore over and over again!

Best For

Where's my Monster ? is a terrific read for all young children. This is a great addition to any digital book library. Reading this book app might be helpful for children who have fears of monsters under the bed and in the closet, because these are charming playmates and aren't scary at all.

This Where's my Monster ? app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Where's my Monster?
Released: 4/16/2014
Company: Martin Hughes
Price: 1.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play