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Dazzle your kids' senses with this alphabetic journey into creativity.
The Bottom Line
Playful and stunning, this alphabet app is an exploratory masterpiece!

So Much More Than an Alphabet App!

While interacting with the letters of the alphabet provides the structure for Metamorphabet, creativity is at its core. Kids tap on the 26 letters of the alphabet to trigger astounding interactions that create wonder and delight.

How to Play

Each letter starts a visually stunning adventure controlled by your child's touch. The letter appears, stark against a contrasting, colored background. When touched, the letter turns just a bit to show off its 3D depth as you hear a cymbal or drum announce the saying of its name. When kids touch the letter again, the fun begins as the letter morphs into an object or action that starts with the letter's sound. Continuous tapping produces a series of morphing, all interconnected in delightful and inventive ways.

For example, the letter "J" adventure starts with a visual jiggle, then morphs into juggle when three brightly colored balls appear, and ends with the balls transforming into three floating jellyfish. Kids can control the balls as well as the jellyfish. One of my favorites is the letter "K" which transforms into a kettle, then a knight, and finally into a brightly-contrasting kaleidoscope. The kettle bubbles over with steam, the knight winks at you with his bright blue eye when you lift his visor, and the kaleidoscope rotates to produce mesmerizing shapes.

A Masterpiece in Children's Media!

Metamorphabet is one of the most visually captivating apps in iTunes. Each letter offers whacky, unpredictable interactions, such as the letter "F" growing a foot, sprouting feathers, fashioning a fan, and finally flying across your screen. Each letter surprises you with inspired, luminous images. The letter "I" morphs into an iceberg on which forms an igloo that the player opens to reveal the inside where children are inflating a ball. And everything is interactive from playable guitars to doors that open to reveal touchable daydreams (clouds that turn into dogs, camels, and emus!) to zippers that unzip to reveal zebras. With the letter "V" you even get to shape a spinning vase resting on a pottery wheel.

Players are in a constant state of wonder as they watch to see what will happen next. Metamorphabet puts on a masterclass of out-of-the-box thinking. No "A" is for "apple" here. Rather, this "A" is going to grow antlers, turn itself into an arch which then ambles across your screen. The app's unusual representations juxtaposed in comical ways create wonder and anticipation for what is coming next. Would you ever expect to see an "N" reveal windows filled with neighbors? Even better, the letter then grows a nose and a neck.
Metamorphabet is so stunning and unique, that all developers would benefit from studying this app. While it introduces young children to the letters of the alphabet and new, interesting words, it doesn't focus on teaching the sounds letters make. Rather, Metamorphabet's forte is the creative representation of words presented in a zany interactive manner.

Best For

Metamorphabet is a great app for all -- both young and old. It will wow you with its striking visuals, captivate you with its unexpected interactions, and fill you with glee with its silly animations. After playing it, encourage your kids to think about how they would morph a letter into something new.

This Metamorphabet app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Released: 2/12/2015
Company: Vectorpark.com
Price: 3.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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