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Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr

Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr



Kids learn to count by helping Farmer Jo with her animals in this charming pop-up book.
The Bottom Line
Fabulous starter app for kids just learning to count.


As pop-up book app Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr. opens, Farmer Jo greets your child. She needs help counting her farm animals. Starting with one cow on the first page and ending with 10 hens on the last page, kids help Farmer Jo by touching the animals to hear them counted out loud. After the counting pages, kids can play seven other counting games with the animals. The app can be played in nine different languages.

The Counting

Farm 123 actively involves the players in counting by having them touch the animals on the page. There is no correct order, so kids can choose which animal to touch next; and the app recognizes the touch and shades in the color of the animal counted. In addition to counting out loud, the app shows the number and represents it on an abacas at the bottom of the page.
The counting games at the end of the pop-up book also reinforce numbers. Kids will wash two cows; and as they do, the cows are counted. Or they might have to find three chicks hiding around the farm or pen five ducks.

What Makes This App Fun?

As the animals pop-up on each page, they spring to life, to cavort around the barnyard. But better yet, once they have been counted, they do some sort of silly animation. The one cow jumps over the moon. With the three sheep, they each take a turn jumping on a trampoline. The four pigs jump into a mud puddle.

Farmer Jo adds her own charm to the scene with phases such as "Cock-a-doodle dandy!" and "Yipee yee-hah." The animals also reveal their sounds when touched, so little kids can learn the sounds each animals makes while playing with them.

Best For

Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr. is a great starter app for kids new to playing on devices. It is also a fabulous way to introduce kids to counting. The app is careful to reinforce the learning by using multiple teaching methods, including voice, number recognition, and numerical representation on the abacas.

This Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr. app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr
Released: 10/7/2014
Company: StoryToys Entertainment Limited
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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