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Mickey's Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy

Mickey's Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy


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Mickey's Math World has some magic in its five locations, but not all of the games sparkle with pixie dust.
The Bottom Line
Mickey and his friends are fun to play with, but the app is inconsistent as to its quality of learning games.

The Setup

Uncle Scrooge has invested in a new venture: an alien resort called Space Oasis. Scrooge has requested help from Donald Duck, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy. In Mickey's Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy, the cartoon gang zooms up to outer space to manage five locales, each filled with math challenges.

How to Play

After an introduction by Mickey and the gang, players arrive at the Space Oasis. By scrolling sideways, they can jump into each of the five locations to play with their favorite cartoon characters.

Mickey is in charge of Rocket Headquarters, which houses two free activities (and more that are unlocked with an in-app purchase). With Mickey, kids help him to run the Rocket Dispatch Dock, a place that shuttles aliens to other locations. Kids help load the aliens into rocket ships while the app counts. They also match numbers to blast through space. Minnie runs the Rocket Cab Creator, a place where kids use geometric shapes to build their own rocket ships.

With Daisy, who oversees the sleeping quarters, kids help to get sleepwalking alien guests back to their jet-powered beds. As the aliens lumber along, kids need to tap on obstacles at just the right time to clear a path to the bed. The aliens appear to be traveling on conveyor belt-like walkways. The obstacles are then counted and put into groups of ten to be delivered to the garbage.

With Goofy, kids will learn attributes, such as shape and color, to sort jellies in the recycling area of the resort. With Donald, kids use a number line to figure out how to wake Donald up. Minnie is also in charge of the Robot Lab and providing counting activities for the newly designed robots.

App Analysis

Mickey's Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy has lots of fun things to explore, especially for Disney fans. But these worlds are crowded with lots going on, making it a little overwhelming for young kids. It is somewhat confusing to explore all of the content that is offered.

The videos of the cartoon characters are particularly well done. Mickey fans will notice that the mouse is sporting a new, tween look. And the idea of earning Disney pins by completing activities is great motivation to keep playing. Families that have been to the Disney parks, will notice the parallel to pin collecting at the parks.

Also good is the adaptive engine operating behind the scenes. It adjusts the academic content, as well as the game play, based on how your child is doing. And there is a separate Disney Imagicademy Parents app which provides additional activities, tips, and articles to enhance kids' learning.

But, the quality of the math activities varies. Some, such as the alien sleepwalking activity, nail the fun while teaching kids to think logically and to count by 10s. But the activity in the robot playground about tracing numbers to build sandcastles is very weak. Kids see the number, but it doesn't stay on the screen for them to trace. And when asked to move the corresponding mounds of sand that relate to the number traced, it isn't apparent why there are so many destinations.

The pricing to open all of this app seems steep. While each location is robust and it can be unlocked for $4.99, paying $20 to unlock the whole app seems pricey in the current marketplace. Our suggestion would be to play through the app with your kids to discover which activities they like, and then decide whether to spring for the in-app purchases.

Best For

Mickey's Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy will work best with kids who love Mickey and his friends. While most of the content is geared towards preschoolers, players may get lost in this busy app. Parents might want to play this one with their kids.
This Mickey's Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Mickey's Magical Math World by Disney Imagicademy
Released: 12/16/2014
Company: Disney
Price: FREE - 19.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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