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Winky Think Logic Puzzles

Winky Think Logic Puzzles



Expand kids' minds with this set of fascinating logic puzzles filled with zing and zip!
The Bottom Line
Great logic puzzles presented in a way that draws kids in.


Winky Think Logic Puzzles makes learning logic fun by presenting puzzles that are visually exciting and entertaining. The 180 puzzles come in three levels of difficulty: one star puzzles have one-step solutions, two stars puzzles involve multiple steps and more dexterity, and three stars puzzles permit kids to fail if they don't do the multi-steps correctly.

How to Play

All players start with the one-star puzzles. Players must complete each puzzle in order to unlock the next one in the sequence. The puzzles feature brightly colored geometric shapes, with the goal to slide the shapes to matching colored outlines located somewhere on the screen. One of the simple one-star puzzles shows five colored hexagon shapes on the screen, in a half circle around the red hexagon target. Kids must select the correct color and move the shape onto the target to solve the puzzle and earn a wink from the green Winky Think mascot in the lower right corner.

As kids progress through the more-challenging puzzles, they will encounter different kinds of barriers, pressure plates that provide a function to solve the puzzle, shapes attached to springs, and color bumpers. For example, the target may be on the other side of a glass barrier, which means that when an object moves under the glass, players can't touch it. To solve this kind of puzzle, a player must come up with ways to use other objects found in the puzzle to push or fling the objects under the glass. Kids will also encounter colored barriers which means that they must push a geometric shape against a colored bumper to change its color to match the colored barrier before it can pass over.

App Analysis

These Winky Think Logic Puzzles are brilliantly planned and executed. Each one is inviting and fascinating to explore. And the developer does a great job of creating puzzles that use both logic and manual dexterity. Many of the puzzles require the use of multiple fingers, making them perfect for friends and family to explore together.

The use of bright colors on a clean surface with accompanying upbeat music contribute to the happy feeling of puzzle bliss. And it is seamless to move through the puzzles because when you finish a puzzle, the next one automatically appears.

Some of these puzzles show animations. Many look like wacky contraptions; and players can't help but be drawn into it to see what will happen when you move things. These brilliant puzzles are overflowing with exciting ways to make the player think.

Troublesome Marketing to Kids

The Winky Think puzzles deserve our top rating of 5 stars. However, as much as we love these puzzles, the app has some marketing that we don't like, given that it is in the Kids Category of iTunes. The puzzle grid screen (where players can find the 180 puzzles) has a flashing icon in the bottom left corner. Touching that icon leads kids to a marketing area for Spinlight's "Discovery by sprang" program. Kids will see other apps created by this developer (and sometimes other developers) and can watch videos of what's inside those other apps. This is clearly marketing to kids, which we don't think is appropriate.

While you can't purchase the advertised app without going through a simple "swipe the arrows" parental gate (it looks like this: >>>>>>>>); the reality is that kids can activate this kind of parental gate with ease. Next thing you know, your kids are in the iTunes store. Parents, make sure you have a secure password in place so that your kids don't accidentally purchase apps without your permission.

A better solution would be for the developer to place all of this marketing behind a parental gate (and make that gate harder, so that kids this age can't get around it). At the very least, Spinlight Studio should provide parents with the option to turn off this marketing to their kids.

Best For

Winky Think Logic Puzzles is a great way to introduce reasoning and logical thinking into your child's life. With the three different levels of difficulty, this is a puzzle app that will grow with your child. It will appeal to all puzzle-lovers from ages 5-up.

This Winky Think Logic Puzzles app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Winky Think Logic Puzzles
Released: 12/19/2014
Company: Spinlight Studio
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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