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Gingerbread Doodle

Gingerbread Doodle



Baking and decorating a gingerbread house is a breeze with this virtual cooking app.
The Bottom Line
This no-fail, intuitive baking app lets you design the gingerbread house of your dreams.


Kids combine virtual ingredients to create a recipe for making a gingerbread house. After selecting from eight possible house styles, kids cut out the pieces, bake them, and then decorate their own gingerbread house.

How to Play

Kids can opt to put together the cookie recipe -- sifting flour, measuring ingredients, and stirring the batter -- or they can opt to have the batter made for them. Next, players select their house style, roll out the dough, bake the parts, and then slide the baked cookie pieces together to form a house.
For decorating, the app presents all the options at the top of the screen under the categories of "Frosting," "Tips," "Toppings," and "Cookie." When tapping Frosting, kids see 56 colors and the option to create their own signature color from a color wheel. Under Tips, the app provides three frosting textures and six frosting tips. The Toppings section sports all sorts of candies, including candy canes, sprinkles, chocolate kisses, and many others. Decorators can also find windows, doors, curlicues, bells, lights, ornaments, and other fun items under Toppings; and all of these items can be sized and rotated. Under Cookie, bakers can add 30 different cookies (Santa, gingerbread men, snowman, angel, and more) into their scene. The cookies can be decorated using the other tools. Want reindeer flying through the scene? No problem, just add cookies.

When kids are done decorating, they can take a photo and then watch their cake disappear by tapping "eat" button. Then they can start again!

App Analysis

;Gingerbread Doodle makes it easy to create a good-looking gingerbread house. And with over 150 candy options, the possibilities are endless.

The intuitive controls make it easy to create what you envision. The frosting adheres to just the part you are decorating, so that it is easy to make the side of a house one color and the front another. And when you adjust the size of a candy the first time, the next time you place it on the house, it stays the size you selected. That way you can easily create patterns using the candies.

I missed hearing Christmas music as I worked. But I appreciated the wide variety of candies (which no household would have at one time) and not having to clean up when I was done.

Best For

Gingerbread Doodle is a fun alternative to baking the real thing. Since there are no spoken directions, this app works best with kids old enough to read. With younger kids, parents should be able to get them started, and then they will take off.

This Gingerbread Doodle app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Gingerbread Doodle
Released: 11/1/2013
Company: Shoe the Goose
Price: 0.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store