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A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas


4.99 - 5.99

This app version of the classic TV special warms the heart and tickles kids' fingers with interactivity.
The Bottom Line
An exceptional holiday story about the meaning of Christmas.


If your family is a fan of the classic 1965 TV special of the same name, A Charlie Brown Christmas is a must. Delivered in a book format, it recreates the atmosphere of the show, including the sound effects and the voice of Peter Robbins, the actor who portrayed the original Charlie Brown. In addition, the app adds magic of its own, with paper cutout scenery and a presentation that makes things appear to be inside a pop-up book. It also offers tons of interactions for little fingers. And the story about the meaning of Christmas is precious.

How to Explore

The 22 page book offers a unique way of displaying the words of the story. Kids swipe left in the narration box to keep the narration going on that page. The words, which highlight when read, can also be touched to hear them spoken again. And new things happen on the page as kids scroll through the narration. Plus, players can extend the dialog further by tapping on the characters.

There are activities and games nestled inside this book app. On the first page, kids can decorate a little tree which will show up at the end of the book -- just as they decorated it. Also, by tapping around on a page and finding surprises, kids unlock additional decorations for their tree.

Other hands-on activities include using Linus' blanket to knock cans off the top of a fence, playing Schroeder's piano, finger-painting, and more. Don't miss the dance party with the whole Peanuts gang.

App Analysis

In creating a story where Charlie Brown is unhappy around Christmastime, Charles Schultz is able to explore the meaning of Christmas by having Charlie's friends help him to figure it out. Lucy provides him purpose by having him direct the Christmas pageant. Linus recalls the religious meaning of the holiday, whereas Snoopy goes all-out commercial by trying to gaudily decorate his dog house so as to win a Christmas decorating contest. In the end, Charlie learns to celebrate Christmas by enjoying the traditions with his friends. In this manner, A Charlie Brown Christmas provides the perfect opening for families to talk about what Christmas means to them.
The interactive aspects of this book app are inspired. The way the characters jump out when you turn a page makes it seem as if you were exploring a pop-up book. And each page has surprises, whether it be Charlie Brown opening his mailbox, or tapping on the round snowflakes to have them sparkle into lacy ones instead.

Best For

A Charlie Brown Christmas is beautifully presented with delightful interactions and animations that add to the story. It is a treasure that families can appreciate year after year at the holidays.

This A Charlie Brown Christmas app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas
Released: 11/19/2014
Company: Loud Crow Interactive Inc
Price: 4.99 - 5.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play