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Don't Open Before Christmas

Don't Open Before Christmas



A holiday story about a little boy who couldn't wait to open his presents.
The Bottom Line
A silly and delightful holiday romp that conveys a message about the importance of waiting.


Bill Doyle's Don't Open Before Christmas tale about learning to wait to open presents is a hilarious addition to any family's holiday reading.

The Story

When 8-year-old Seymour discovers himself home alone on Christmas Eve, he can't resist investigating the three packages sitting under the Christmas tree. Before he can stop himself, he has unwrapped them only to discover that the presents aren't fully developed. Seymour finds wacky, unfinished versions of prized gifts. The computer is just parts; the skates are just blades with no boots; and the football is an amorphous shape that is bouncing all over the place. A madcap adventure ensues during which kids help Seymour to wrangle the gifts back into their boxes by playing music. They accomplish just in time before Seymour's parents arrive back home.

App Analysis

With pull-tabs on each page to create surprising and funny animations, this book is a silly and delightful holiday romp. And the concept that toys are growing up while wrapped is darling.
The fun of this app is anchored by bright and bold graphics, inventive interactions, and talented narration with words that highlight when read. But the best part of this app is the message it conveys to kids about having the patience to wait. By starting your holiday with this story, your kids just might discover that part of the fun of getting a gift is the anticipation.

Best For

Don't Open Before Christmas is a great reading experience for the whole family. It may resonate most with kids who are impatient for the holiday to arrive.

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Don't Open Before Christmas
Released: 10/15/2013
Company: Crab Hill Press LLC
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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