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Elmo Loves You!

Elmo Loves You!


2.99 - 3.99

Snuggle up with Elmo to learn about the meaning of love.
The Bottom Line
This snuggle-up-with-Elmo fest is adorable, charming, and delightful. It belongs in all kids' digital libraries.


Elmo Loves You! is the first ever Sesame Street digital pop-up book. Based on the beloved print book of the same name, this app version lovingly recreates the illustrations and story; but then improves on the presentation by sprinkling digital magic onto the pages.

The Story

Over the 15 pages, Elmo talks to your child about love, explaining that both animals and muppets love specific things. He takes your child on a journey to see what others love, stopping to visit pigs loving mud, kids loving toys, penguins loving snow, Bert loving pigeons, Abby loving the library, The Count loving counting things, and more. Throughout the pages of this book, Elmo periodically exclaims to the reader: "Elmo loves you!" Kids can choose to have the book "Read with Elmo" (in his voice) or "Read it Myself."

What Makes This Book App Special?

This is a delightful story, regardless of whether it's read as a book app or a print book. But this version sparkles because of several factors. First, the presentation makes you feel as if you are reading a 3D pop-up book. As you swipe the pages, the illustrations jump out of the page in an exciting manner. And when you tilt the device, the illustrations let you see more by expanding the 3D environment. Second, as you hear Elmo's voice, the words he reads highlight as they are spoken. And third, the clever interactions found on the pages enhance the story and breathe life into illustrations. For example, when you touch The Count, he starts to count the petals of a flower he is holding. And when discovering that Ernie loves to drum, readers can jam along by banging on the drums in the illustration.

Also contributing to this app's great design is familiar Sesame Street music and the original voices of all of your kids' favorite muppets. Kids can talk to the Muppet by tapping on them to see what they will say. And a second tap usually results in an additional comment by the Muppet.

But most important is the way Elmo Loves You! makes kids feel special, because Elmo has unwavering appreciation of them.

Parental Tips

Parents will appreciate the reading tips found under the gated Parents Center. The tips even come with four fun videos from Sesame Street, including one with Usher about being unique.

Best For

Elmo Loves You!'s uplifting message about unconditional love can be enjoyed by all toddlers and preschoolers, regardless of whether they are Sesame Street fans.

This Elmo Loves You!'s book app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Elmo Loves You!
Released: 12/11/2014
Company: StoryToys Entertainment Limited
Price: 2.99 - 3.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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