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Snoopy's All Star Football

Snoopy's All Star Football



A new generation gets to meet and play with the Peanuts characters by reading a charming gridiron story and then playing a football puzzle game.
The Bottom Line
This storybook and football puzzle combo wins the Super Bowl.

Two-in-One: Book App plus Football Game Puzzle

Snoopy's All Star Football has a book and a puzzle game nicely packaged inside of one app. From the home page, kids can choose to read a story or play a football game. The 21-page book, about Charlie Brown organizing a boys-versus-girls football game, can be read to your child or you child can read it alone. The football game is a series of 20 puzzles in which kids pull back on Charlie Brown (similar to how you play Angry Birds) to project where to throw the football. With several receivers available, choosing the right receiver and throwing the ball before they are covered by the defense is the key to winning.

The Book

To rally his friends into playing a football game, Charlie Brown visits each one. As a consequence, your children meet the Peanuts gang, starting with Charlie's loyal dog Snoopy and his little sister Sally, who will only play if the game is girls against boys. When Charlie recruits his friend Linus, the little boy will only play if his beloved blanket can "secure the field." Charlie also visits the musical Schroeder, the unkempt Pig-Pen, the supercilious Lucy, Peppermint Patty and others. The football game is a close one and ends with a surprising move by one of the players. Told by a talented narrator and accompanied by mellow music typical of Peanuts' TV specials, this story is fun to read. The words highlight as read and, at any time, readers can tap a word to hear it spoken. However the illustrations don't animate, and kids can't interact with the characters.

The Football Game

Kids help quarterback Charlie Brown throw the football to the best receiver. By pulling back on Charlie, kids see a dotted line showing the potential path of the football. While Charlie's teammates run patterns as receivers, kids select which player to throw to by lining up the dotted line and then lifting their finger to send the ball spiraling. If your timing is off, the ball may be intercepted or the pass deemed incomplete. Each puzzle is a series of downs to try to get a touchdown. The scenarios get progressively harder as kids work through the puzzles. For each puzzle, kids have the potential of earning three stars: one for completing a touchdown, one for doing it in the least possible throws, and one for throwing to a special "starred" player.

App Analysis

Snoopy's All Star Football contains a delightful story about the relationships among the Peanuts' characters, presented in the context of playing a football game. It even ends with a typical "Good grief, Charlie Brown" moment. The only thing that would have made this book app better is the use of technology to offer some interaction and animation with the various characters. It is such a shame that when Snoopy dances for joy, you only see a static illustration.

The football game puzzles are brilliantly designed. The progression of having the defense get better the farther you play into the levels makes sense; and kids can easily "tackle" it, since they have learned how to play football in the early levels. The depiction of how plays develop on the football field is spot on. While this doesn't have the sophistication of a Madden video game, it does a great job of showing young children how the game of football works.

Best For

Snoopy's All Star Football is a fabulous way to introduce children to one the most beloved comic brands. This new story stays true to the classic Charlie Brown milieu and serves as a great introduction to the comics and TV specials. The football puzzles help kids to understand football strategy while giving them fun with projectile puzzles to solve.

This Snoopy's All Star Football app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Snoopy's All Star Football
Released: 11/20/2014
Company: Cupcake Digital
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
Available: Google Play

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