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Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids

Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids



Seven circus animals need your child's help in settling down for bed.
The Bottom Line
Putting the animals of the Big Top to bed is a riot, especially when they surprise you by doing circus tricks. But they all eventually settle down, which serves to help your child do the same.

A Going to Bed Book App

Nighty Night Circus starts by watching a little owl settle down for a nap on a tree branch when the trumpeting of an elephant interrupts her. Following the sound, the owl discovers a circus caravan with their lights still on nestled in a wood. The narrator asks the reader to help put the animals to bed by turning off their lights. There are seven unique locations.

Tricks before Sleep

Tapping on a lighted location leads to meeting a circus animal. For example, the rabbit from the magic act is nestled inside the tree hollow. If you touch him, he might shake his magical wand to make a shooting star. Touch him again, and he raises his paw, while looking at you sleepily. As he starts to fall asleep standing up, stars rain down on him! When you locate the light switch and flip it, he sighs contentedly and wiggles his way into the top hat that is resting nearby.

Kids will also encounter a lion, an elephant, a seal, three fleas, a snake and a bear. Each entertains you with a variety of silly and charming tricks before you blow out a candle or turn off the light.

Why This App Is Great

A sequel to Nighty Night, one of our favorite going-to-bed book apps, Nighty Night Circus continues what made the first book special and adds its own unique touches. As in the first book app, graphics are vibrant and full of details. It is fun to watch the scenes change once the light is turned off. But it is the animations within this book app that are memorable. They are adorable and silly, and sometimes surprising.
When you meet the bear, he first growls at you and then giggles, looking somewhat contrite. If you tap him again, he pulls out a balloon, blows it up, and then shapes it into an animal. In the tent where you find the elephant, he trumpets with an amusing trill as the end. Next he balances on a step and lifts 3 of his legs in a pose, and then giggles. One of the funny snake animations includes having him contort his back into being a track for three colored balls. And wait until you tuck in the fleas -- in matchbox beds, of course.

While the goal on each page is to help the animal fall asleep, make sure to cycle through its funny animations before turning off the light. Once the light is out, the animal won't respond, since it is fast asleep. When all seven circus animals are asleep, players see that the little owl has settled down as well.

Best For

Nighty Night Circus ages up a little from the audience of Night Night. Since you are putting wild animals to bed, the lion and the bear growl at you before doing something silly. This behavior might scare toddlers, so it is best to use this book with preschoolers.

This Nighty Night Circus app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids
Released: 11/6/2014
Company: Fox & Sheep
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
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