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What if you could trick-or-treat at Count Dracula's house? Go candy-seeking in a neighborhood of monsters!
The Bottom Line
This unique Halloween app lets you have two-way conversations with five famous monsters, with the result being laughter not fright.

Conversing with Monsters

What would it be like to talk with a werewolf, a ghost, Count Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein, and a witch? You can find out with this clever app that sends you trick-or-treating in a skull-de-sac full of monsters.
Created by ToyTalk, a company that specializes in apps where the characters have conversations with kids, this is a novel Halloween app that will get your kids singing with a werewolf and telling scary stories to a ghost to help her get her "scare" on.

The app offers about 60 minutes of conversation with these five well known Halloween "scaracters." Under the guise of trick-or-treating, you make your way to the doorway of each character, starting with the Werewolf. As you visit with each monster and tap on things in the scene to make them animate, you earn candy. When you have earned 10 pieces of candy by using sparkling conversational skills, the monster sends you on your way to visit with his or her neighbor.

Unique Halloween Fun Creates Chatty Chortles

These conversations are meant to be funny, not scary, and SpeakorTreat succeeds splendidly. The Werewolf likes to sing in a barbershop quartet with "The Pumps," the three pumpkins on his doorstep. In addition to getting players to talk about whether tricks or treats are better, the Werewolf also gets them howling at the moon. Cute. With the female ghost, who has lost her fright, players help her by swapping ghost stories. The shtick with Dr. Frankenstein and his creation is that the doctor needs advice in how to better manage "Herr Stompypants." The witch asks about why her gummy boogers aren't hits with the candy-seeking trick-or-treaters. And the Count is trying to convince players that he is perfectly normal by putting Thanksgiving stuff all around instead of scary Halloween decorations. He eventually comes to accept who he is by talking to the player, and ends his conversation by singing "Monsters are people too, just scarier than you."
SpeakorTreat is fun because the app does a good job of listening to what your child says and then incorporating it into the general silliness that comes out of mouth of these characters. For example, when the witch asks what things are scary, if your child replies with "spiders," the witch will come back with a comment about those "creepy crawlers." The app's ability to listen for key words in your child's response and then comment on them creates the feeling that your child is actually in a conversation with the monster. It is hilarious fun, because the writers for this app created deep characters who are funny because they play against type -- meaning they aren't scary at all.

Parents, the app needs your permission before it can record your child's voice so it does so by requesting your email. Also, you can listen to the darling things your child says on the developer's website at www.ToyTalk.com after you sign in.

Best For

SpeakorTreat is the perfect Halloween app for kids who enjoy zany humor. It also works well with budding thespians, because it caters to those who love to perform.

This SpeakorTreat app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Released: 10/23/2014
Company: ToyTalk, Inc
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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