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Sago Mini Monsters

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Little monsters, bubbling with personality, want to play with you!
The Bottom Line
By putting kids in charge of creating colorful monsters and then letting them play with them, this is a great app to help reduce fears of scary things.

Slimy Fun

Sago Mini Monsters starts with a head popping out of a pool of green slime. This new monster needs your kid's artistic help. By selecting from five colors at the bottom of the screen, players can draw on the monster. After color has been applied, the monster reveals himself by suddenly growing eyes (one to three are possible), a mouth, and tentacles or horns. The monster animates as kids pluck food and other items out of the goo to feed or decorate him.

What Makes This App Fun?

In Sago Mini Monsters, the monsters are each unique; and all are cute, not scary. Kids can change how they look by using their fingers to swap out eyes, mouths, and appendages. But what is really fun is feeding them the variety of items that pop up in the slime, such as popsicles, cake, apple cores and such. The monsters show their appreciation and even expel noisy burps.
Kids can also find articles to decorate the monsters with, including hats, bow-ties, and Band-Aids. There are also things like worms, spiders, bats, and other creepy crawlers which kids can put on the monster or place on the giant webbing that is located in the background.
Also fun is the toothbrush that arrives with paste for brushing the monsters teeth. When the player picks it up and then runs a finger across the monster's teeth, the creature looks aghast; but he is happy when clean. Your toddler or preschooler will likely giggle at this part.

Kids can take a photo of their monster (which is saved in the camera roll), but there is no way to save your monster for further shenanigans. Instead you have to start over and create a new hairy friend.

Best For

Intended to get little ones laughing, this monster app is perfect for both toddlers and preschoolers. It is a great way to help kids who are afraid of "things that go bump in the night." Letting them design and then play with monsters is reassuring.

This Sago Mini Monsters app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Sago Mini Monsters
Released: 10/8/2014
Company: Sago Sago
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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