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Use real toy blocks to design a LEGO building, take its photo, and then watch it being built in a fun digital city-building game. It's magical!
The Bottom Line
Brilliant app/toy combo of building with real LEGOs and designing virtual cities.

Build with REAL LEGOS, Play In a Digital City

LEGO FUSION Town Master is the first of the LEGO FUSION series of toy/app combos being launched in the fall of 2014. With this 256 piece LEGOs building set, kids build 2D facades for the houses and businesses using a special FUSION capture plate. By constructing the buildings on this plate, the app can "see" the child's architecture and then recreate it digitally in 3D.

Become the Mayor of Your Architecturally Designed City

The app game simulates a real city filled with LEGO characters who have needs and wishes. As mayor and chief architect, you need to watch the faces of your citizens and tap on their thought bubbles to keep them happy. The citizens will send you on missions and have building requests, including a hospital, school, pizzeria, bike shop, and much more.

Why This Building App Is Worth Downloading

LEGO FUSION Town Master melds two of kids' favorite play patterns: building with LEGOs and playing on smartphones or tablets. It gives kids the tools to design their own town on a granular level, because the app recreates each individual brick size and color when turning your child's 2D building into a 3D replica. While the scanning process of focusing the device's camera on your LEGO blocks can be somewhat confusing at first, our testers got the hang of it within a few minutes.

Kids don't have to take hours to create a complete LEGO building; they need only construct the front of the building, and the virtual LEGO builders in the game, do the rest. It is fascinating to see what a flat front of a building turns out to be when sidewalls and a roof are added. Kids learn about architectural design by experimenting with buttresses and window and door placement. LEGO FUSION Town Master hits the right balance between real world play and digital play.

A City Building Sim with Lots to Do

Also good is the ability to personalize your choice of mayor by selecting his or her gender. With loads of missions, including helping an injured townsfolk to putting out fires to finding a rare bird in the woods outside of your town, there is always something new to explore. The currency-driven economy means that new buildings unlock over time, making this a sim kids can play for hours.

Best For

LEGO FUSION Town Master is a must-have for LEGO-loving kids. Watching their creations come to life on the screen is a powerful experience that encourages more building. Suddenly, their toy play isn't just in their own imagination, it is now in a digital world.

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Released: 8/14/2014
Company: LEGO Systems, Inc
Price: FREE
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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