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7 Little Words for Kids

7 Little Words for Kids


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Increase your child's vocabulary with these mixed-up word find puzzles. Endless combinations give kids a fun way to practice spelling and vocabulary.
The Bottom Line
Good word puzzles reinforce spelling and vocabulary skills for early elementary kids, but the level of difficulty doesn't increase.

7 Worlds of Word Puzzles

7 Little Words for Kids combines word scramble and word find games to reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills using clues from a broad range of topics. As kids pick out words to solve the broad clues, they're rewarded with cartoon images from a scuba dive, safari drive, spacewalk and other adventures. Rather than increase in difficulty, the puzzles are all around a second or third grade reading level, so kids can replay their favorite adventure worlds to their brains' delight.

Solving for Stars

Each puzzle presents kids with a list of seven clues about general knowledge, such as "famous sunken ship: 7 letters." All seven answers are broken into tiles containing a few letters each and scrambled below. Kids find and tap the tiles, "ti"-"tan"-"ic", to spell out the solutions.

Each solution earns three stars. When players earn about 150 stars, kids gain access to another of the seven adventure worlds to explore. Even if kids don't know the answer to every clue, there are lots of ways for them to succeed. They can solve the clues they know first, making it easier to create words from the remaining tiles. Also, there's no penalty for guessing incorrectly; and when kids are really stumped they can ask for a hint, which will reveal the first letter of a word for the price of just one star.

After solving all seven words in a puzzle, kids see another scene from their adventure world, watch as their stars total up, and then get to move on to a new puzzle with seven more words. Later levels are not really more challenging, since the puzzles are randomly generated.

Fun for Early Elementary, But Not Much Beyond

Kids at the right reading level (grades 2-3) will enjoy solving seven little clues in a fun, low stakes environment. With no timer, plenty of hints, and silly scenes along the way, kids get the support they need to become super solvers. Since the answers are provided but broken into chunks of a few letters each, the puzzles help reinforce spelling in a creative way. There are other ways to learn, too ? watching their stars total up helps kids thinking about addition and subtraction between puzzles, and the clues and their answers can spark questions and discussions about history, science, and culture. The randomly generated puzzles mean kids who enjoy the game can keep playing endlessly.
While this is great practice for kids who are right around a second or third grade language arts skill level, kids who are more advanced might get bored. As they collect stars and unlock levels, kids who expect the puzzles to get harder will be disappointed. The game provides some simple statistics, but not enough to motivate kids into trying harder or really inform parents about their kids' progress. We're also surprised that the parental age gate, designed to keep kids from marketing pitches, is so easy to solve, essentially making it ineffective for this age group.

Best For

7 Little Words for Kids is best for practicing spelling and vocabulary with kids at a second or third grade level. Older kids who want to be challenged won't find much here, but they might enjoy the trivia for its own sake.

Review written by Liz K. McKinney

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7 Little Words for Kids
Released: 7/9/2014
Company: Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
Price: 0.99 - 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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