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Removing little colored dots from a grid is surprisingly satisfying in this well-done puzzler.
The Bottom Line
This strategic puzzler about matching colored dots is tougher than it appears; but it's compelling if played in small bursts (so that your lives can regenerate).

A New Kind of Matching Puzzle

From the maker of Dots, 2013's runaway puzzle hit with over 20 million downloads, comes Two Dots, which is equally engaging. Players remove colored dots off the grid by connecting two or more same-colored dots vertically or horizontally. If they can connect a four-dot square, all the dots of that color disappear. And surrounding a dot with another color creates a bomb -- which is a way to clear a lot of dots at one time.

Specifics on How to Play

Each puzzle has a stated goal and limited number of moves. Sometimes you are simply trying to ride the grid of specific number of colored dots -- say 15 each of green, yellow, red, and blue dots in 30 moves. Other times you will be tasked with sinking anchors, which appear at the top of the grid and you need to remove dots to have them drop to the bottom to disappear.
If you run out of moves before meeting the goal, you lose one of your five lives. Lives regenerate slowly over time or you can purchase more in an in-app purchase of $.99. Other $.99 in-app purchases include 5 extra moves for one puzzle or a bomb to clear one level.

Why It's Worth Downloading

The simple rules belie the complexity of these colorful puzzles which aren't timed. At first, the grids are square, but as they get harder, the grids take on different shapes including ones where some columns feed into others. The gameplay encourages planning ahead as you strive to create 4-dot squares. And the puzzles feature upbeat, constantly changing music so you may find that you bounce along to the beat while playing.

It frustrated us that the levels seem to randomly generate the dots, so that when you start over after failing, you aren't looking at the same puzzle. This brings in an element of luck which we didn't like. Also, these puzzles do get tough, so know that failure is a large part of playing these puzzles; and that you are likely to run out of your five lives often and then have to wait for the lives to regenerate.

We appreciate that this free app does not host ads. But it does have in-app purchases, so if you are letting you kids play, remember to turn off in-app purchases under the "Settings" button of your iDevice. Also, it connects to Game Center so kids can may be exposed to strangers and can use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, email, and messaging from within the Game Center.

Best For

This nifty puzzler is a good fit for anyone who likes match-three games. While its premise is different, it has the same appeal. But TwoDots is best played by players who enjoy a tough challenge.

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Released: 6/19/2014
Company: Betaworks One
Price: FREE
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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