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Chatwala Video Messenger

Chatwala Video Messenger



Instead of text messaging with your loved ones, you can now video message instead, by leaving Chatwala videos. This app is free, innovative, and can help you stay connected to the important people in your life.
The Bottom Line
This outstanding video messaging app makes communicating with families and friends seem more personal since you actually see each other while communicating. It is an exciting way to keep in touch with loved ones.

Video Chatting Is the Next Best Thing to Being There!

If you are having trouble coordinating times to meet up via Facetime, Skype, or Google+ hangouts, especially when different time zones are involved, Chatwala will be of interest to you. This app creates a video messaging stream -- similar to text messaging -- where the parties involved need not be present at the same time to enjoy a video chatting exchange.

How it Works

With this free app, you can send a video message to a friend or family member anytime or anywhere. Let's say your teen sends a video message to you via text messaging or email. When you open the video message, the app records your response and then offers you the ability to add on to the recorded response with your own additional video message. When your teen gets your response, the same thing happens again -- the app records your teen's reaction and offers the ability to continue the video chat.

App Analysis

Families and friends can have a hilarious time sending silly videos via "Chatwala." It is also a great way to send a heartfelt message on a holiday or birthday. Chatwala doesn't require registration and you don't need to connect to other social media to pull this off. It works across iOS and Android devices, so it doesn't matter that Grandma has an Android phone, and you are sending a video message using your iPad. Chatwala is a simple and fun way to connect with your loved ones and friends in a threaded dialogue presented in video.

Best For

Chatwala makes it easy to connect with loved ones via sending a video message. For busy families and loved ones who are in different time zones, Chatwala is a clever alternative to video-chatting. Because you see visual expressions and hear intonation, this method of communicating feels more real than email or text messaging.

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Chatwala Video Messenger
Released: 4/29/2014
Company: Chatwala
Price: FREE
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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