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Kiddie: positive parenting toddlers 2-5 years, reward charts and fun songs

Kiddie: positive parenting toddlers 2-5 years, reward charts and fun songs


FREE - 5.99

When adorable bear-like Kiddie is good about following his bedtime ritual, he gets to put stickers on his going-to-bed chart. So does your child!
The Bottom Line
This cute interactive bedtime story models positive behavior about bedtime rituals and provides parents with a reward chart that encourages their child's willingly going to bed.

What Comes Free

This free app presents a charming story about a bear-like character named Kiddie, who is getting ready for bed. Using funny made-up rhyming phrases such as Wopsie Dopdie Wed, Time to go to bed, this app draws kids into the process of getting Kiddie to bed. Your child will tap on Kiddie's blanket to draw it up and turn on the tablet so that his parent can read him a bedtime story. The tale also contains a cute song. Most importantly, the story introduces Kiddie's Reward Chart for going to bed easily and then lets parents create one for their child too.

More Content Can Be Purchased

For $2.99 each, parents can buy additional interactive stories about Kiddie learning to use a potty, exploring foods at dinner time, and discovering how to be sweet. If you want to purchase all three, the cost is $5.99. Each delivers a strong message about proper behavior and lets you set up a reward chart for your child -- just like Kiddie's. I would recommend buying all three since they are so well done.

What Makes This App Good

Kiddie is a Free-to-Try app where the developer gives you a whole interactive book app for free before offering you the ability to purchase additional high quality books about the same character.
Many children are reluctant to go to bed, wanting to play just a little longer. This story helps kids adopt a going-to-bed ritual. And it helps parents to reward positive behavior with a digital sticker chart, which can be set up for multiple children in the same family.

The app comes with a set of free parental materials that include an ebook and an excellent video showing how to use the app. Parents can adjust how they want to use the app, including having hints show up on a page to help kids find the interactive hotspots or turning off the narration so that the parent becomes the reader.

Best For

With four stories, all demonstrating positive behavior, Kiddie is a great addition to any family's library of book apps.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Kiddie: positive parenting toddlers 2-5 years, reward charts and fun songs
Released: 3/6/2014
Company: Kiddie App
Price: FREE - 5.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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