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Sleepasaurus - Dinosaur Sleep Trainer for Kids

Sleepasaurus - Dinosaur Sleep Trainer for Kids



Does your toddler or preschooler frequently get up way before the crack of dawn? Sleepasaurus might be just what you need. This app encourages your child to stay asleep until the baby dino sleeping on the screen wakes up.
The Bottom Line
This dino-themed sleep trainer is a clever way to teach a child who awakens too early to go back to sleep.

A Clever Solution for the Too-Early Riser

Sleepasaurus offers a clever solution for the child who rises too early. Your child befriends one of seven baby dinosaurs, and then sprinkles magic sleeping dust over his new friend. Once the dinosaur is asleep, it can't be awakened until a time set by the parents. The idea is that the dinosaur becomes your child's sleeping buddy, while also serving as a night light (you need to plug it in next to your child's bed).
If your child wakes up too early, he or she can look over at the screen to see if the dinosaur is awake. The app helps to train your child to go back to sleep until such time as the dinosaur is awake and can roar when touched. Parents also have the option of setting the app to play bedtime music for going to sleep as well as music to wake up your child.

App Analysis

All of the dinosaurs roar when touched, and they are somewhat fierce; so parents should use their judgment about whether the roar would be scary for their child.
The option to play music when children are falling asleep is great, but the ability to select music from your own library would have made this app even better. Parents should note that the screen doesn't lock kids out, so kids could decide to play with the device instead of going back to sleep. To avoid this problem, parents should start the app using guided access. Guided access is found in the settings of your device, and it allows parents to lock an app until such time as they enter a password.

Best For

Since these dinosaurs all sound male and a little fierce, this app is probably a better fit for little boys than little girls. That said, one of the dinosaurs is pink.

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Sleepasaurus - Dinosaur Sleep Trainer for Kids
Released: 3/13/2014
Company: Wee Taps
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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