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Little Digits - Finger Counting

Little Digits - Finger Counting



This clever app brilliantly brings finger counting into the digital age. Kids use their fingers to bring digit characters to life.
The Bottom Line
This counting app is special because it features adorable digit creatures who come to life under your child's touch.


Little Digits teaches kids how to count and do simple addition and subtraction. What makes this app innovative is its use of multi-touch. Little Digits "knows" how many fingers are touching the surface of the iPad, and it uses that information to teach kids math.

How to Play

In the counting game, each number is an animated character with eyes and a mouth that moves. Depending on the number of fingers a child puts on the iPad, the corresponding animated number appears under their fingers and the number is spoken aloud. It is quite magical to see this in action. If you pull away a finger, the digit character changes.

The addition and subtraction activities work in a similar manner. The number characters appear within an equation, and kids solve the equation by placing the correct number of fingers on the screen. For example, if the equation is "3+1= ?," kids put three fingers from their left hand and then add one more. The 4 digit character appears on the screen in the answer slot, and then digits 3, 1, and 4 wiggle and dance.

Why This Is a Great App

Little Digits takes the tried-and-true method of learning to count on your fingers and adds some real cool technology to it to create an app that mesmerizes kids. Because it is so intuitive, kids immediately figure how to play. And they keep playing because the number characters are so adorable. In this manner, kids learn to count by playing with these engaging number characters.
Little Digits also makes learning to add and subtract natural by letting kids recreate the equations with their fingers. Parents, you might want to join in lending your fingers when asked. The app even lets families record their own voices announcing each number. Little Digits is brilliant in its simple execution and clever use of technology; and it creates an irresistible high-tech twist on using your fingers to count.

Best For

Introduce Little Digits to preschoolers who are learning to count. Since it also teaches early addition and subtraction (up to 10), this app can be used with kids who are exploring those concepts.

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Little Digits - Finger Counting
Released: 3/25/2014
Company: Cowly Owl
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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