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Adorable monsters introduce kids to a set of hilariously animated words in this free, try-before-you-buy reading app. This app is a sequel to Endless Alphabet, but it stands on its own.
The Bottom Line
Captivating monsters and silly animated words team up to make learning to read a fun adventure in this polished app that is a sequel to Endless Alphabet.

How This App Works

By combining high-energy monsters running across the screen with a set of hilariously animated words (that represent the most commonly used sight words), this free app starts kids onto the path of reading.
Kids choose one of six sight word to learn from within a monsters month, then the word appears as if it were a character. For example, with "d-o-g," the "d" has a face and the "g" has a tail. As players drag the letters to make the word, the animated letter says its sound. After creating the word, the monsters rush through the scene, delivering a sentence with the word in it. Then kids see that sentence acted out by the delightful monsters.

This Is a Try-Before-You-Buy App

If after your child learns the six sight words, you want to purchase more, the app offers three additional packs for $2.99 each. That seems like a fair exchange to us, and one we hope most families will purchase. Quality apps need to be supported or else they will go away.

App Analysis

By presenting a series of words in a crazy, madcap setting, Endless Reader makes learning to read fun and non-threatening. Kids invest in the learning process by dragging the animated letters to their matching outlines to form words. While wiggling under your child's finger, each letter makes its phonemic sound as the narrator calmly identifies letter's name. The app then reinforces the meaning of the new word by having the silly monsters act out a sentence with the new word in it. The sentence will also contain common sight words. For the word "funny," Pinkerton monster makes funny faces in the mirror. He is so adorable that kids can't help but be charmed into learning to read.

Best For

Endless Reader works well with kids who haven't yet started to read as well as ones who have already started. The key to this app's success is the monsters. Your kids will want to play with them and in the process, they learn to read. It's brilliant.

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Endless Reader
Released: 12/20/2013
Company: Originator, Inc
Price: FREE
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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