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Kids learn about modern art by playing with this unique set of art tools. They can create their own artwork or follow step-by-step projects based on famous pieces of modern art during which they can add their own unique flair.
The Bottom Line
This is a fabulous open-ended creativity app that introduces kids to modern art. It inspires kids to create masterpieces in new and different ways; and it makes the abstract understandable by having players duplicate famous pieces of art.


This transformative app teaches kids about modern art by letting them experiment with creating it. It broadens their imaginations by providing nine projects to create, based on famous pieces of modern art from Matisse to Calder.

How to Play

The app starts with an outstanding tutorial, which can be spoken aloud. In the open-ended workspace, kids can tap the bright, bold geometric shapes hanging out at the bottom of the screen to make them appear on the canvas. Then they can move them, adjust the size, send them forward or back with regard to other shapes, or delete them if they don't fit. In addition to the shapes, kids can freeform-paint and use a straight line tool. The white canvas invites artists to experiment with the shapes and art tools to create collages and other pieces of art. There are 48 bold colors and a way to change the background to make it a highly contrasting color. This workspace also offers 17 ideas for creating modern art, including making a person or a monster using the shapes and lines, creating a design using only circles, and collaborating on a joint drawing by taking turns to add one line at a time.

Nine Special Activities

But the best part of the app is the nine special activities for kids to explore, which are based on real artists' work. Budding artists can create a sound composition by dragging different sounds over an artwork created by Elizabeth Murray. For exposure to Henri Matisse, kids use virtual scissors to cut out shapes to use in creating their own paper-cutout art. In another project, based on work done by Jim Lambie, kids use three-colored tape to make patterns on a floor. They can even experiment with creating a mobile, based on the work of Alexander Calder.

App Analysis

MoMA Art Lab stands out from the myriad of other art apps for kids because it makes modern art interesting and accessible. By providing unique art tools that lend themselves to bold experimental art, kids can expand their creativity in ways never before tried. And the special activities, based on famous works of art, are brilliant in how they introduce kids to famous artists, and then make their work something that kids can emulate and learn from. Kids will discover that modern art encompasses shape poems, mobiles, and art that creates sound when touched. This app is magical in how it creates wonder in kids and expands their creative horizons.

Although this app hides the ability to share what the child creates, it is there under the Setting button of your device, if you want to send your child?s work to grandma and others. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is also interested in your child?s work and offers parents a way to send their child?s masterpieces to the museum, if you so desire.

Best For

MoMA Art Lab works well with all kids (and even adults). Because it is so open-ended, it will appeal to kids who don?t normally like art or don?t think they are good at it.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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MoMA Art Lab
Released: 10/18/2013
Company: The Museum of Modern Art
Price: FREE
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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