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Brave Rooney

Brave Rooney



A diversity story about an ordinary boy who discovers he is special while attending a school for superheroes.
The Bottom Line
This book app is a treasure trove of superhero antics. It is an excellent way to hook superhero-lovers on books.

Superheroes Abound in This Book App!

This book app stars Rooney, an ordinary kid who somehow ends up in a school for superheroes. He immediately feels out of place, as the other students regale each other with their heroic feats over summer break. Rooney can't hold back a rock slide, nor can he blow out a forest fire with his breath. All around him, students are doing extraordinary things, such as flying into school and lifting super-heavy objects.

One day Rooney discovers that he can do something all of his adrenaline-pumping classmates can't. Rooney can stand up in front of the school and recite his own poem. Because he isn't afraid to speak in public, all the other kids respect him. The story ends with Rooney being celebrated for his own special power: bravery.

Diversity Education

This book will appeal to children who are imagining themselves as superheroes. Learning about how Rooney's classmates' lives are different from those of normal kids is fun and imaginative. With over 50 interactive spots, which frequently reveal a superhero's power, this is a treasure trove of hero worship tapping. Kids will have a riot making superheroes fly and turn loops in the air.

App Analysis

Brave Rooney presents a terrific story with enriching visuals filled with all sorts of superheroes. It has well-thought-out options, including the choice to have the book read to you or to read it yourself, auto-turning of the pages, and the ability to hide the words for younger kids. Parents will appreciate the option to turn off the interactive spots until after the words have been highlighted as read. That way kids will pay attention to the story before playing on the page. You can also opt to have the words disappear after being read so that they aren't hiding any of the graphics and hotspots.

Unfortunately, this book app has some live social media links (Facebook, Twitter, and email) which we hope a future update will hide behind a parental gate. By touching an enticing button, little kids shouldn't be taken out of an app to links that aren't appropriate for them.

Best For

This empowering tale about an ordinary boy doing special things is a great fit for children who like pretending to be superheroes. It is also a great app to download for reluctant readers. Girl and boy superheroes are equally represented, but the main character is a boy.
This Brave Rooney kids' book app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Brave Rooney
Released: 5/3/2013
Company: Bacciz
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store