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This app connects you to your Facebook friends to a shared iPad screen for collaborating, using drawing tools, video chat, and photos. It is a place to let joint creativity soar.
The Bottom Line
A great tool for encouraging collaboration between teens. It is useful in homework situations or as a way to share visual things with distant relatives.

What Is This App?

From the makers of Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts, a cooperative drawing space found on Google+ Hangouts, comes this new app which creates a cooperative drawing space on your iPad. Scoodle Jam uses Facebook to connect you to your friends; so it is an app for age 13 and older.

How to Play

Once inside the app with a friend or relative, the app provides an open space in which to collaborate. You see yourself and your friend via real-time video, depicted inside the faces of cartoony beany bodies on the bottom of the screen. Collaborators can talk as they work to create something with drawings, typing, stamps, and doodling (using the app?s onscreen drawing tools and stamps), each adding to the joint space simultaneously. You see what your friend is drawing in real time, and you can add to it or change it.

Comes With Prompts to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

The app provides 18 scene starters, including a blank comic strip with the prompt "Tell Your Story" or a tree with the prompt to design the treehouse of your dreams. Or you can create your own scene by selecting a photo from your camera roll. This way the app could be used for helping with homework or having a grandparent join in a design project.

App Analysis

While we had occasional difficulty connecting with others, and a few dropped calls while in the joint space, meeting in this high-energy environment was empowering. The prompts are zany and sometimes silly, but the space feels welcoming. With the ability to share anything you can photograph, this app is a great way for teens to share things with their grandparents or other relatives. It encourages joint problem-solving as teens communicate and collaborate in a playful setting. Kids can save what they create and then share it over social media. Scoodle Jam requires WiFi to work, and is not available over cellular connections.

Best For

Scoodle Jam promotes sharing of ideas by providing a joint space for drawing and chatting. It is helpful for homework situations, planning a family trip, or communicating with distant relatives. If you can photograph something, you can bring it into this joint space for doodling.

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Scoodle Jam
Released: 2/21/2014
Company: Scoot & Doodle, Inc
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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