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Kids recreate images constructed by layering various geometric patterns on top of each other. While simple in concept, these puzzles are challenging to solve; but they remain fun because they provide kids with a workspace in which to experiment.
The Bottom Line
A nifty set of visual brainteasers that work best with kids who thrive in environments that encourage trial and error.

Geometric Patterns Abound

With these 80 brainteasers, kids are challenged to reconstruct complex images made from geometric patterns. They are shown a composite image, made by stacking patterns of geometric shapes on top of each other. Kids crack the composition puzzle by recreating the original image.

How to Play

For each brainteaser, players see the image set inside a gridded square, an empty square for them to use, and a dozen or so colored geometric shapes scattered around. Kids use their fingers to drag and drop patterns into the completion box, layering them as they go. The app doesn?t respond until the player succeeds, so experimentation is encouraged. As kids work, upbeat techno music plays.

The Puzzles Get Progressively Harder

At first, the composite image only involves 2 or 3 pieces. Eventually, the puzzles involve five pieces overlaid on top of each other. The challenge is to see how the patterns overlap, because, when stacked, they frequently create an optical illusion.

App Analysis

These puzzles are presented in four levels of difficulty; and while each is challenging, none moves into the frustration zone. There is no time limit imposed, so kids feel comfortable learning by exploring. OverColor does a great job of revealing that images can have layers. It is a great exercise in spatial reasoning.

As good as this puzzle app is, it isn't perfect for all kids. For kids that are having trouble seeing through the optical illusion, there is no way for them to get help. Providing hints to those who want them would have been a better way to contruct these puzzles.

Best For:

OverColor brilliantly combines logical thinking with spatial awareness to create a delightful set of visual puzzles. But it is best played by kids who are self-starters and thrive on puzzles that challenge them.

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Released: 11/4/2013
Company: PopAppFactory
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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