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Even Up Kids!

Even Up Kids!



This sleek set of puzzles is about removing a group of numbers from a grid so that there is only one left at the end.
The Bottom Line
Nifty puzzler that uses numbers, but only tangentially. These puzzles require players to think several moves ahead, which is a great skill for kids to acquire.

How to Play

This sleek set of puzzles is about removing a group of numbers from a grid so that there is only one left at the end. Players remove numbers by sliding matching numbers into each other on a grid. When two equal numbers pair up, they form one new number that is one digit up. You must then slide the newly formed number into its numerical match until there is only one number left. The slides can be made vertically and horizontally but not on a diagonal.

Puzzles Get Progressively Harder

The 125 puzzles start out easy with just a few numbers on a 4 by 4 grid. Eventually, the advanced puzzles are played on a 7-by-7 grid. The colorful but uncluttered screen also houses an Undo button, so you can always go back as many moves as you want to correct a mistake.

What Makes This Puzzle App Good

To solve the Even Up Kids! puzzles, kids must plan ahead. They have to think through how to combine numbers so that the new resulting number can be matched with an existing number on the grid. Many of the puzzles require kids to hold several moves ahead in their minds. Also good is the slow but steady increase in difficulty.

The app even lets you create one puzzle of your own, which puts kids in the maker chair -- a position many kids will find stimulating. However, since you can only create one puzzle, we hope the developers add the ability to make more of your own puzzles.

Best For:

Even Up Kids! is best for kids who enjoy playing strategic games and puzzles. Like Chess, this puzzle game requires kids to think ahead. And unlike the popular match-three games, such as Candy Crush Saga, these puzzles don't leave winning to chance -- they can only be won using brain power.

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Even Up Kids!
Released: 12/19/2013
Company: Simple Machine, LLC
Price: 0.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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