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Elegant app for teaching kids how to create their own stop-motion films. Kids can draw their own characters or use the stamps provided by the app.
The Bottom Line
With a great video tutorial and a clean interface that is easy to use, ABCya Animate is a great choice for young filmmakers. Kids can't yet add voice or music.

A Film-Making App

This app provides kids with the tools to create their own stop-motion animated films. Kids can draw their own pictures, use typing, and select stickers to animate. They can fill up to 99 frames to create their short film.

Excellent Tutorial

By viewing an excellent video tutorial, kids discover that they can copy their art from previous frames into the next frame and then slightly move the objects to create a smooth animation. They can also move items to be in front of or behind other objects so that they can make things, like a cloud, cover a flying airplane. And the app always allows them to hit ?play? so that they can see what their animation looks like during the production.

Its Good, But Missing Voice and Music

ABCya Animate makes the complicated process of creating an animated movie seem simple. Kids have lots of options, with over 36 colors to use in drawing and over 80 stamps, including a robot that you can strap on skates. Kids can save their work and return to it later to add on. The app has limited choices for background sounds, and no ability to add voice or music; but kids starting out in animation won't miss those options. They will be excited to share their gallery of fine-looking animated shorts.

Best For:

Kids who like to tell stories through film. This app is simple to use and easier than its competition Easy Studio, Animate with Shapes!

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ABCya Animate
Released: 10/2/2013
Company: ABCya.com
Price: 4.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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