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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride



The popular board game gets a digital face-lift as families vie for railway domination of the map of the United States.
The Bottom Line
This board game comes with a good tutorial; but even so, it can take a while to feel comfortable. Once you have figured it out, it is great fun for families looking for a memorable board game experience.


All Aboard! -- for a virtual train ride across the U.S. In this adaptation of the classic board game, up to five players on the same device can crisscross the United States claiming possible railroad routes in hopes of building a rail line empire. Players can also compete against virtual or online players, including those playing on other platforms (such as Steam, PC, and Mac)

How To Play

As budding railroad tycoons, players are dealt secret destination cards which show two cities to connect. Then they are off, taking turns to tactically place virtual train cards to build routes across the map. The longer your routes, the more points you get as you complete a passage between the cities on your destination cards. Strategy comes into play as you try to block others while building your own rail empire.

App Analysis

Ticket to Ride is a fun board game to play with others, by passing the iPad around to take turns. The app features a good tutorial, but this game takes a little while to figure out how to play because there are multiple steps to a given turn. If kids don't have friends or family to play against, they can take on virtual opponents, created and controlled by the app, or venture into the world of online play, (But I wouldn't recommend that for kids under age 13.) This app version stays true to the artwork of the original game.

Best For:

Ticket to Ride is best for families that relish a good strategic board game.

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Ticket to Ride
Released: 1/18/2014
Company: Days of Wonder, Inc.
Price: 1.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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