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Marble Mixer

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Three different marble games where player flick marbles to earn the most points.
The Bottom Line
This app is a good choice for kids who love games involving balls -- particularly young boys. The fast pace will help keep easily-distracted kids focused. It's a great one to add to your library of multi-player game apps.

How to Play

Offering three different games for up to 4 players, this app lets kids shoot and flick virtual marbles onto target boards, into outer space vortexes, or popped into a monster's mouth. While not as satisfying as holding a heavy shooter in your hand and hearing the satisfying thwack of hitting real glass, this app provides fun marble play without having to carry a heavy bag of marbles. The marble-flicking physics works well; and it would be hard to duplicate the rotating targets found in each of the three games.

Three Games in One

In the Monster Picnic game, kids rapidly shoot marbles from the corners into the center of the screen, which has turned into a cute monster's face with an opening-and-closing mouth. The player who flicks the most marbles into the gaping maw in 60 seconds wins.
In Space Mania, players aim at numbered rings on a rotating target. But strategy comes into play because there is a hole at the center of the target into which you can knock your competitors' marbles to earn points and to keep them from racking up points on the rings. The game has three rounds of 60 seconds each and an unlimited number of marbles, so this game gets frenetic.

The Table Tactics variation is a little more zen. There is a ringed, moving target with a hole in the center, but this time you take turns shooting only 10 marbles. Being cagey is the way to win this marble madness that includes three rounds.

The Skinny

Known as a "huddle game" since the players all crowd around one device, Marble Mixer is a great game to play when your kids are getting antsy, especially if you play the variation involving the marble-munching monster whose maw opens and closes as you shoot your marbles from your designated corner. That game has a Hungry-Hippos-like vibe, and the silly monster is fun to watch. The other variations are also fun, and may appeal more to older kids since there is some strategy involved.

Best For:

Download this game if you have wiggle-worm kids. The gameplay is fast-paced and frenetic so it keeps them occupied.

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Marble Mixer
Released: 12/11/2013
Company: Gamehouse
Price: 1.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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