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Musical Me! by Duck Duck Moose

Musical Me! by Duck Duck Moose



Five fun activities featuring cute animals inspire kids to get musical.
The Bottom Line
Playful activities introduce kids to musical instruments, pitch, rhythm, dance, and musical notation.


Silly animals engage your children in five musical activities that explore rhythm, pitch, instruments, and musical notation. One allows kids to rearrange notes on a musical staff to create a song. In another, they play a song by tapping birds that fly by. Budding musicians can try their ear at matching musical sounds and can bang out percussion sounds on virtual instruments. There is even a hilarious dance activity where the animals rock out to different tunes.

Why It's Good

Musical Me! introduces children to lots of musical concepts through play. Using light-hearted activities and charming characters, the app makes exploring music a joy.

Best For:

Preschoolers and kindergarteners who enjoy playing with engaging animals. By making the musical activities whimsical, the app draws in even the most reluctant kid. It provides a few activities that have multiple difficulty levels, so that the app can grow with your child.

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Musical Me! by Duck Duck Moose
Released: 9/14/2013
Company: Duck Duck Moose
Price: FREE
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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