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Mystery Math Town

Mystery Math Town



A clever math practice app that uses a mystery theme to get sleuths rearranging numbers to make equations.
The Bottom Line
By providing kids with a fun mystery theme about exploring maze-like houses, kids willing do math equations to play the game.

The Setup

Kids help a cute, friendly ghost explore houses in a town to find missing fireflies caged in jars. Exploring a house is a maze-like activity where entering a new room can only happen after solving a math equation.

How to Play

The spooky rooms contain randomly strewn numbers for collecting, as well as diverse portraits that deliver cheeky banter. To move to a new room, players must solve a reverse equation where the answer is presented, as is the operation (plus, minus, or times). Kids choose from the collected numbers in a drawer at the bottom of the screen to solve the equations. If you don’t have the correct numbers to solve a given equation, you can backtrack through the house to pick up more numbers. When you complete the investigation of a house, a new house unlocks. The chatty paintings slowly reveal a story.

What Makes It Good?

The explore-spooky-houses theme works well to motivate kids to do the math. And the reverse equations with limited numbers requires kids to use strategy and critical thinking to do addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Kids can even customize the math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or varied) to meet their needs and abilities. Mystery Math Town is a clever way to encourage kids to practice math.

As with other apps from this developer,Mystery Math Town starts with an avatar creator that lets kids design their own character.

Best For:

Mystery Math Town is fun for all kids, but excels with kids who need some coaxing to practice math skills. They will do the math so that they are able to explore each fun maze-like house.

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Mystery Math Town
Released: 10/24/2013
Company: Artgig Studio
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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