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Mr Shingu's Paper Zoo

Mr Shingu's Paper Zoo



24 zoo animals are waiting to be folded into virtual existence!
The Bottom Line
As kids make an origami menagerie within the Mr Shingu's Paper Zoo app, they can also try to fold the origami zoo animals in real life. This app encourages real world play.

What Does This App Do?

This app teaches kids how to fold paper into 24 zoo animals, using origami. When the player chooses an animal from the giraffes, lions, penguins, hippos, chameleons, and others, a piece of paper appears on the screen, with dotted lines for tracing. These lines represent creases and sparkle when you run your finger over them. You make the paper folds by moving your finger from the blue dot to the pink circle. Kids experience the process of creating the origami animal on the screen, but it can easily be duplicated in real life.

How to Play

Within the app, the folded paper animals spring to life for interactive play. Kids choose its sex, decorate it with paint, and add a silly hat or bow. Then kids release it into their zoo. These animals have needs, which they express in bubbles that appear over their heads. Players will need to provide the correct paper as a habitat, build them homes, provide food and, of course, toys to play with. When they see a giraffe tooling by on a scooter – it’s a blast. Kids can also fold a paper heart and give it to pairs of animals so that they go inside their home and then reappear with a baby. Some of the animals are available for mini-games.

App Analysis

The app's fun is hindered just a bit by a play mechanic that periodically sends two animals into a fight, represented by sounds and a spinning cloud of brown. After the fight, if you touch the animals, you will see that they had a need that wasn't satisfied. This violence seems misplaced in this otherwise perky and fun zoo.

Best For:

Kids who enjoy crafting projects.

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Mr Shingu's Paper Zoo
Company: Stormcloud Games Limited
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Kindle Fire
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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