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Three goofy animals are waiting for your kids to drag objects to them for approval or disdain. This is a hilarious way to teach children about emotions.
The Bottom Line
This gigglefest is a great way to start talking about the emotions expressed by these endearing animals.

What Is This App?

Promoting a playful vibe, Avokiddo introduces kids to emotions by letting them interact with three silly animals. The animals, a giraffe, a zebra, or a sheep, appear on the screen with blinking eyes, animated facial features, and dopey expressions.

How to Play

Kids select one animal at a time; and when they do, a variety of objects appear on the screen along with the animal. They play with the animal by dragging an object to the animal to see how he will react. Kids will quickly learn that the zebra likes to eat an avocado but that he is not as fond of a sausage. When you drag a polka-dotted tie to his neck he will giggle.

What Makes It Good?

Players can see and explore dozens of different reactions and emotions as they drag clothing, food, musical instruments and toys over to the animals for their reactions. Some of the objects even trigger a change of scenery and an animated sequence accompanied by different music.
While most of the objects are gender neutral, the dress-up accessories include both boyish accessories, such as mustaches, bowties, and top hats, and girly ones, such as hats and masks.

Best For:

Choose this app for kids who learn best through silly encounters. This gigglefest is a great way to start talking about the emotions expressed by these endearing animals.

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Avokiddo Emotions
Released: 9/23/2013
Company: Avokiddo E. Katsantonis & sia e.e.
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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