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Wee You-Things

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Insightful book app that reveals how people have unique traits that make them different.
The Bottom Line
This book app creates a joyous environment in which to celebrate the things that make us different.


Wee You-Things promotes acceptance of people who are different from you by introducing 24 quirky characters who all have unique "You-Things."

How This App Works

In rhyming verse, we meet Paul who is tall, and Bea who wears glasses to see. There's large, green-skinned Royce who has a tiny voice. And blue-skinned Pierre who runs with his arms in the air.

App Analysis

Read aloud by an accepting narrator and accompanied by up-beat music, the app enfolds kids into the experience by having them touch the characters. When they do, the character reveals their secret "You-Thing." For example, when you tap on Niels you discover that the wheels on his wheelchair spin in psychedelic patterns of orange.

Great Discussion-Starter

If you have young children, this app is a great discussion-starter about how people are different and what makes each child special. The app even asks readers to create a version of themselves by taking a photo and identifying one of their own "You-Things." Your child then appears in the parade of special characters at the end of the app.

By creating a joyous environment in which to celebrate the things that make us different, this feel-good-app rises to the top.

Best For

Wee You-Things is so good that it belongs on all children's devices!

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This Wee You-Things app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Wee You-Things
Company: Wee Society LLC
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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