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Barnyard Dance! - Boynton

Barnyard Dance! - Boynton



Sandra Boynton's board book comes alive as an app. Kids help the silly animals dance and party to fun banjo music.
The Bottom Line
A great addition to any toddler library of apps.

What Is This App?

It's time to do-si-do over to the silliest farm in the app world. In typical Sandra Boynton style, the animals on the farm are doing hilarious things when they decide to party. Instead of humans doing a square dance, the animals follow the callers instructions to buoyant banjo music.

How to Play

Kids join in the fun by interacting with the animals on the pages. You help the cow play the fiddle by drawing back his arm. If you draw a circle around the pig, it spins wildly; and tapping on the chicks sends them scurrying across the page. When the animals promenade in twos, if you touch them, you hear their true animal sound.

Why This App is Good

This is an ebullient way to introduce youngsters to the animals found on a farm plus the fun of dancing. The app also excels at introducing kids to the concept that words are part of a story, since the words highlight as spoken and touching a word results in the narrator saying it again.

Best For:

Toddlers that love to discover silly things. The antics of these animals are inspired!

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Barnyard Dance! - Boynton
Released: 7/27/2013
Company: Loud Crow Interactive Inc.
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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