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This adorable story about friendship encourages kids to work with others to solve problems.
The Bottom Line
A charming friendship tale that is filled with creativity and learning games.

The Set-up

This adorable story about an artistic porcupine named Spatter and his inventive best friend Spark (a fox) encourages kids to work with friends to solve problems. Spatter wants to paint a portrait of the new baby crow living in a nest in the tree, but he can't figure out how to do it because he has never seen him. When hearing of Spatter's dilemma, Spark designs a new invention to help: bouncy shoes. Before trying them out, Spatter asks for the reader's help in painting the shoes sparkling colors. When the bouncy shoes work so well that the two friends bounce higher than the hole in the tree holding the crow's nest, Spark brainstorms about how to make them less bouncy. In the end, the baby bird tries his first flight out of the nest just to see the sparkling shoes.

How to Play

Throughout the 10 pages, filled with beautiful illustrations created from craft materials, kids will find many of Spark's inventions to explore. When arriving at Spark's door, kids get to try out several creations before discovering the one that actually rings the doorbell. To build the bouncy shoes, kids drag and drop objects onto a blueprint, a process that could get them thinking about how to create their own inventions.

Why This App is Good

In addition to a charming, feel-good story where words highlight as spoken, the app also houses four additional learning activities which offer three levels of difficulty. These activities teach counting, colors, and deductive reasoning. If you just want the story without the extra learning activities and don't mind a push for in-app purchases, Polk Street Press offers a free version.

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Spatter & Spark Pro
Released: 5/10/2013
Company: Polk Street Press LLC
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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