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Where's My Mickey

Where's My Mickey


1.99 - 2.99

Solve water physics puzzles featuring Mickey Mouse and the gang.
The Bottom Line
Fun water-physics puzzles combine with animated shorts to create an amusing yet brainy app.

Water Physics Puzzler

Where's My Mickey? is the newest iteration in the water-physics puzzle series that started with Where's My Water? and then continued with Where's My Perry?

In this new app, kids solve water-based puzzles to help either Mickey or Goofy. Mickey fans puzzle through 60 levels spread over three different worlds. Tablet users, who pay more, get an additional 20 levels where Mickey is in outer space. For an in-app purchase of $.99, Goofy lovers help the wacky dog in 40 puzzles spread over two worlds. There are even special bonus puzzles featuring the adorable puppy Pluto.

How To Play

Each world starts with an original animated short cartoon that sets up a problem which the player needs to solve. In the first world, called When Life Gives You Lemons, Mickey needs your help in finding water so he can make lemonade to sell at his stand on the beach. The 20 puzzles in this world stay true to the format that has made the Where's My? puzzle apps so popular -- you use your finger to draw a path through underground dirt so that water can get to the three stars located in the scene before finding its way to the subterranean, puzzle-ending drainpipe (that transports the water to Mickey).

Cool New Features

New to these puzzles is the addition of clouds, wind, and some plant mechanics. A cloud will soak up any water it comes in contact with, and the player can release that water by touching the cloud to make it rain. Wind currents can move a cloud so harnessing the wind is another new play element. Plants grow when rained on and can help you in some of the puzzles.
In the second Mickey world, called Fanning the Flames, Mickey trips inside of a cave and the fire in his lantern escapes. The 20 puzzles that populate this world introduce a new play element of a fiery liquid. This red lava can pollute water, turning it into a poisonous liquid. Players need to strategize on how to avoid this red liquid or seal it off so that the water can make it to Mickey. Occasionally you will need the red liquid to dissolve an obstacle. In the third world, Mickey needs water to grow plants for a flower competition.

App Analysis

Where's My Mickey? is an exciting addition to the Disney Where's My series. The animated short cartoons, which appear at the beginning of a world and at end of each puzzle, infuse these puzzles with humor expected from an app featuring Mickey. The puzzles, while similar in format to the first two apps in the series, add significant new elements so that they feel fresh. The puzzles provide engaging learning for kids. They must study the scene and make hypotheses about what might work; and then try something to see if their hypothesis was correct. Where's My Mickey provides funny and brainy puzzling for Mickey fans of all ages.

Unfortunately, this app doesn't provide parents with any way to disable links to Facebook and Twitter, which aren't appropriate for kids under age 13.

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Where's My Mickey
Released: 6/27/2013
Company: Disney
Price: 1.99 - 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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