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World of Goo HD

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Kids can build wiggling Jello-like structures made up of google-eyed, gibberish-talking balls.
The Bottom Line
This fabulous building app creates a compelling environment in which kids experiment with building bridges, cantilevered structures, and other designs all involving goo balls. Don't miss this one.


Put down the Legos, and pick up goo balls. That's right, kids get to build with a bunch of anthropomorphized balls of squirming goo. What's so cool about these google-eyed, gibberish-talking balls is that they like to align into triangulated structures. If you move two balls close to each other, they send out tendrils that link with others, enabling kids can build all sorts of towers and bridges over which other goo balls travel. Think of them as wiggling Jello-like structures.

How to Play

This award-winning game has a flimsy story about rescuing these balls of goo from a variety of different environmental perils. Players solve a series of puzzles by corralling the goo balls into structures that reach a desired exit drainpipe. To do so, kids need to experiment with building bridges, cantilevered structures, and other designs so that the goo balls aren't destroyed by spikes, rotating blades, and other menaces. Players will encounter a variety of goo balls, including some that can float and others that are particularly stretchy. Some can even explode, causing a series of chain reactions.

Why It Is So Fun

Adding to the fun is an off-screen sign-painter who leaves cryptic messages within each puzzle level. The stark, black-and-white environments create drama, as does the accompanying musical score.

Best For:

Download this app for kids who love building sets, and don't be surprised if you love it too.

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World of Goo HD
Released: 8/9/2013
Company: 2D BOY
Price: 4.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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