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Disney Junior Appisodes

Disney Junior Appisodes


FREE - 4.99

This app makes a full-length Disney TV show interactive by adding play elements into the show. This app comes with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally for free, with other appisodes available for purchase from inside the app.
The Bottom Line
A fun way for kids to play with their favorite Disney characters inside of a TV show. This app turns passive TV watching into an interactive learning adventure.

What is An Appisode?

Kids can watch and play within full-length TV episodes from some of Disney Junior TV shows. The first appisode, from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse called "Road Rally" is free.

How to Play

Players help Mickey and the gang go on a road rally to five locations. At each location, the appisode lets kids play two learning games with the characters. The games cover early learning topics, including numbers, shapes and problem solving. Kids will select the correct tools to solve problems, count rubber duckies that cover the road and select bushes with a desired geometric shape. The playing includes tapping things on the screen, using the microphone and tilting the screen.
After finishing the first appisodes, parents have the option of purchasing (via in-app purchase) additional appisodes, including "Mickey and Donald Have a Farm Appisode" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and "Hide the Hideout!" and "Captain Hook's Hooks" appisodes from Jake and the Never Land Pirates TV show. For fans of Disney Junior TV shows, this app turns passive TV watching into an interactive learning adventure.

Best For

This is a fun app for families that love all things Disney. While the first appisode if free, the rest cost money via in-app purchases ranging from $2.99 to $4.99/each.

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Disney Junior Appisodes
Company: Disney
Price: FREE - 4.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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