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Pajanimals: Light In The Sky

Pajanimals: Light In The Sky



Kids help Squacky overcome his fear of the dark.
The Bottom Line
A fun way for kids to interact with the Pajanimals. In this appisode, by helping Squacky to overcome his fear of the dark, kids just might learn to overcome their own fear as well.


Based on an episode from the popular Jim Henson and Sprout TV series that appears on PBS Kids, Pajanimals lets kids play with Apollo, Squacky, Sweetpea Sue, and CowBella. This appisode breaks the Light in the Sky TV episode into parts and then stops periodically to let kids play within the episode.

How to Play

Kids can explore an activity and also interact with most things within the scene. If they tap on the characters, they talk or giggle as if tickled. Some of the activities include making music by touching stars and clouds that float by and playing hide-and-seek with the characters.

A Story About Being Afraid of the Dark

This appisode (an episode presented inside an app) focuses on Squacky being afraid of the dark and shows how the rest of the characters help him to overcome his fear. Even if your kids have never seen the TV show, these characters come alive in the app and welcome kids into their world.

Best For

This delightful app is perfect to explore right before naptime or bedtime.

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Pajanimals: Light In The Sky
Released: 9/6/2012
Company: N-Fusion Interactive
Price: 3.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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