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Toonia Storymaker

Toonia Storymaker



A rich playset of digital characters and settings for kids to use in making their own stories.
The Bottom Line
A storytelling app in which kids create their own stories that is without bells and whistles.

How to Use

Toonia Storymaker offers kids who know how to read a rich playset of characters and settings to use in making their own stories. After dragging characters and objects into a scene, kids can add speech bubbles (which can show icons or words), change characters’ positions and expressions, and choose different colors for the characters (including clothing and skin color).

Multi-racial Characters!

A set of multi-racial characters with back stories adds depth to this story creation set. One little girl loves chemistry, while another is really interested in car racing. One little boy is a jokester and is never far from his skateboard. Kids can set their stories in space, at home, around school, or they can choose a theme that focuses on fairy tales, seasons, or ecology.

App Analysis

The intuitive interface has lots of icons and short animations showing the player how to do things. The artwork is sweet, making it most appropriate for younger elementary school children. Completed stories are place on your own bookshelf and they can be shared with others as a PDF file via email.
Toonia gives kids digital tools with which to create illustrated stories to share with others. Unfortunately, the app doesn't provide scaffolding to teach children how to tell stories. It is about using a set of well-designed static stickers and talk bubbles to tell a story. Plus, the more stories kids create, the more content they unlock including new characters and new settings without having to make any in-app purchases.

Best For

Toonia is best for kids who already know how to read and are looking for a set of digital stickers to let them tell their own stories.

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Toonia Storymaker
Released: 5/10/2013
Company: 3fs
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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