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This ingenious app shows kids an animal's face on the screen and teaches them to draw the body on real paper placed underneath your device.
The Bottom Line
Drawnimal is special because it combines real play (drawing on real paper) with digital play (faces of animals appear on the screen and animate). This app encourages kids to draw.

Unique Art App

This ingenious app shows kids how to think of the device's screen as an animal's face, and it teaches them to draw the bodies of animals on paper placed underneath your device. After kids draw the animal's body, the app rewards their efforts by animating the animal's face and having it do something silly. Drawnimal is a whimsical experience like none other in iTunes.

Combines Real Play With Digital Play

When providing kids with animated instructions of how to draw an animal that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, Drawnimal is careful not to reveal the mystery animal. After kids complete their drawing around the outside edges of the device, using real paper and crayons or markers, they tap the onscreen arrow. The screen then transforms into the animated face of the animal -- and tells you what it is. For example, for the letter "C," the app shows kids how to draw pointy ears, whiskers and a tail. After drawing the requested body parts, the screen switches to the face of the cat. If you tap again, you will hear and see a funny animation. The cat meows, the koala bear sneezes and the gorilla whistles a tune.

Better on a Smaller Screen

While Drawnimal works on an iPad, you have to have pretty large paper to have room to draw around it. It is easier to use this app on an iPad mini, an iPhone, or an iPod Touch because standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper works just fine.

App Analysis

The app is playable in four different languages. It is sure to produce some giggles; while also encouraging kids to think outside of the box and teaching them how to draw. Kids could benefit from seeing the word of the animal they are drawing -- perhaps that will come in an update. Drawnimal is special because it combines real play with digital play.

Best For:

Drawnimal is perfect for kids who love to draw.

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Company: Lucas Zanotto
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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