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The Opposites

The Opposites



Kids learn new words by playing a game of matching antonyms with a pair of snarky siblings.
The Bottom Line
This app makes learning new words fun. Snarky siblings add spark to this humorous war-of-words game.

How to Play This Fun Word Game

Kids learn new words by playing a game of matching antonyms with a pair of snarky siblings. The two teens spout words which float out of their mouths and above their heads. Players match the words by tapping to see if they turn green and disappear. The goal is to match a target number of pairs before the time runs out or the room fills up with words.

Offers Bonus Round

If you manage to hit the target of say -- 12 pairs -- you get to play a bonus round with more words floating to be matched; and then the next level opens up. The game offers 10 levels of words, with the easiest being words like "night" and "day," and the hardest covering "compulsory" and "voluntary."

Provides a Dictionary of Words

The app contains a dictionary of the words used in the game; and kids can study each level's word definitions before playing the humorous war-of-words game. If they don't want to study first, the game encourages them to learn while playing, since you aren't penalized for trying word pairs that don't match -- they just temporarily turn red to indicate that they are not antonyms.

What Makes It Good?

With a simple premise of matching words that are opposite delivered by silly siblings with an attitude, this is in-your-face fun with words. The app has a good balance of providing a timed challenge with a playful vibe about learning new words.

Best For:

The Opposites makes learning new words seem like a game. It is a great way to start kids on the path of learning words for the SATs.

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The Opposites
Released: 9/7/2012
Company: Mindshapes Limited
Price: 0.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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