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This app puts vocabulary practice inside of nine diverse, engaging games.
The Bottom Line
This app makes learning new words fun by letting kids play fun games with kooky animals.

Vocabulary Games

This app puts vocabulary practice inside of nine diverse, engaging games. When you first download the app, you get one set of 15 words. To unlock the rest of the 350 words taught in the app, you need to make an in-app purchase of $1.99. The additional words appear in 25 lessons with each set having a theme, such as baby animals, astronomy, or fantasy.

How to Play

Kids can study the words in the lesson before playing the games. The nine games slowly unlock over time. Players earn points by playing the games and can earn additional points by meeting certain challenges, such as correctly answering four questions in a row. The app tracks all of your points on a bar graph, and when the bar fills up, you are rewarded with a fresh new game.

Nine Games

The nine games present different ways to learn words. In one, you choose a word to complete a sentence. In another, you select images that represent the definition of a word. In a third, you try to match definitions and words in quick succession. The app tracks your progress; and once you have mastered a word, that word is cycled out of the games.

Why This App Is Good

Unlike flashcards, where kids learn by staring at the card to memorize, with "Kids' Vocab," kids learn by playing fun games with kooky animals.

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Kids' Vocab
Released: 5/8/2013
Company: Mindsnacks
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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