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Snow Queen

Snow Queen


2.99 - 5.99

Sophisticated and magnificent, this fairy tale is meant to be enjoyed by older children and even adults.
The Bottom Line
Beautiful rendition of classic tale is filled with hidden surprises.

A Beautiful Version of Classic Fairy Tale

This fairy tale app for older children and even adults retells Hans Christian Andersen's tale of how the child Kai was taken by the Snow Queen and then rescued by his best friend Gerda.

Gorgeous Illustrations

Presented in seven chapters, this book app's main appeal is its full-page interactive illustrations found within each chapter. These detailed illustrations, which sometimes spread over several pages, make you feel as if you are standing inside a snow globe where almost every object in interactive. The artwork is stunning, reflecting painstaking detail drawn with ultra-fine brushes, where the painter worked under a magnifying glass.

Lots of Interactivity

With more than 300 interactive objects, kids can tap ice skaters to make them glide, open windows to see who is hiding inside and touch portraits to make them talk. Blowing on the iPad's microphone can create a snow blizzard. Hiding inside many of the illustrations are games, puzzles and coloring activities.

Cocooned Inside of This Magical World

Kids can opt to have the book read to them by the talented Johanna Parker, whose mellifluous narration is accompanied by sentences being highlighted in red. This rendition is 27 pages long; and your child will savor every minute of it because the app makes you feel cocooned inside of this magical world. They will enjoy revisiting it many times over to find all of the hidden gems.

Best For:

Meant to be read by older children, this 27 page book isn't a picture book -- rather it periodically breaks up the pages of text with breath-taking illustrations and fun, embedded games and activities.

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Snow Queen
Released: 10/29/2013
Company: Timecode
Price: 2.99 - 5.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Kindle Fire
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play