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Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow

Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow



A modern version of the classic tale where Little Red is the heroine, and she saves her granny from the wolf. The app lets you choose your own path through the woods, so when you replay it, you can experience several different endings.
The Bottom Line
This choose-your-own-adventure version of the fairy tale has been updated so that Little Red saves herself!


This version of Little Red Riding Hood puts the reader in charge of choosing how this fairytale ends. The story tracks the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood going through the woods to take her sick Granny some food.

In this version, kids participate in moving the narrative forward by touching the characters to hear them speak. While the story read aloud on each page, kids can add to it by tapping on the characters.

Choose Your Own Path

While in the woods, kids come to several forks in the path. Depending on which path they select, players help Little Red collect different objects to add to her basket of goodies. Some of the objects are obtained by playing mini-games.

Little Red is the Heroine

Since Little Red is the heroine, the objects she collects in the woods affect how she goes about defeating the Big Bad Wolf and saving her Grandma. For example, if Little Red decides to go down the path that leads to honey, she runs into a friendly bear and helps him to pour his honey into glass jars. Appreciative of Little Red's help, the bear contributes a jar of honey to her basket. When faced with the menacing wolf, pretending to be her grandma, Little Red pours the honey on the wolf -- which attracts some nearby bees. As the bees swarm the wolf, he high-tails it out of Grandma's house -- never to be seen again.

Why This App is Good

In addition to this delightful choose-your-own-adventure aspect of this fairy tale, the app also shines for its user-generated narrative. In addition to hearing a narrator, kids tap the characters to hear more of the story. The app also contains fun mini-games played with the fully-animated characters you meet in the woods.

Modern Fairy Tale Touts Girl Power

It's refreshing to see Little Red Riding Hood depicted as a brave, quick-thinking and resourceful character who gets rid of the wolf herself and saves her Grandma.

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Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow
Released: 11/14/2013
Company: Nosy Crow
Price: 4.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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